[quoteicon author=” Mario Tomasello”]A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates the enemy in front of him, he fights because he loves what he left behind.[/quoteicon]


The Labrador Soldier

Explosive Detection Dog CWD Carlos retired in 2011 at 8 years old from protecting US and ISAF forces in continuous deployment for nearly 5 years. CWD Carlos, who worked with the US Army’s 3rd & 4th Infantry Divisions in Baghdad for 2½ years, was then transferred to Kandahar in 2009 to work in direct support of US Special Forces on the front lines. Hero dog Carlos is credited with actual finds on missions which saved countless American Soldier lives. As Carlos aged, he was transferred to work with ISAF.


Carlos’s Adoption Picture from Afghanistan


A Soldier Turned Labrador Rescue

Sadly, upon retirement the contracting company farmed Carlos out to a local Afghan national where he suffered neglect. To this day, Carlos still carries the ligature mark scars on his back legs from hobble-style restraints. Fortunately for Carlos, he was eventually reclaimed by the Contractor in Kabul until his adoption by the Ridpath family allowed his “Freedom Flight” HOME!

Its-a-Lab-Military-Labradors-Team-Carlos-003 Its-a-Lab-Military-Labradors-Team-Carlos-004

A Veteran Cancer Survivor

Ever the Noble Warrior, in retirement Carlos has survived Cancer, Spleen and Laryngeal Paralysis surgeries. Carlos continues to joyfully serve his many friends and is a Goodwill Ambassador for Military Working Dog Adoptions. In order to bring awareness to the contributions of all working dogs, Carlos attends events, visits schools and never meets a stranger he didn’t like. He received a USWDA Medal of Recognition and was honored in Colorado Springs as a “2012 Hometown Hero.” A true Hero who saved countless lives while deployed, a Warrior with a zest for life in spite of challenging medical issues: CWD Carlos inspires everyone he meets!

It’s a Lab Thing’s Take

It’s a Lab Thing will always Support our Military! Growing up in a Military house myself, I have a great respect for what our soldiers, both human and K9,  do for us every single day. They unselfishly do their jobs so that we can be safe at home. Military dogs need the Love and Support just like their Human counterparts when they return home from Tours of Duty. Give Carlos your support and VOTE for him starting May 7th Here: VOTE FOR CARLOS