This week I had a chance to lend my lens and take some awesome pictures for a Labrador Rescue named Duncan. He needed some new pictures as his originals just did not capture how handsome and sweet he is.

Labrador Friends of the South Duncan-100 (1)


6 year old, very calm sweet boy available for adoption from Labrador Friends of the South . Attached to people and dog friendly. He was surrendered to us by his family and he still does not understand why. His heart is slowly mending and he is ready to find a permanent family to call his own. Duncan gets very attached to people and will make his new owner very happy.

Labrador Friends of the South Duncan-71 Labrador Friends of the South Duncan-100 (2)


Duncan is doing very well. His broken heart is mending and he’s beginning to trust again. Although, he was an outside dog with his previous family, he obviously spent time with them indoors as well. Duncan has needed quite a bit of reassurance that he is loved and welcome in the house — it took quite a bit of effort to get him to go up and down the stairs (I suspect he wasn’t allowed to do so in his previous home). He is sweet-natured and great with kids and other dogs. He enjoys an occasional round of fetch outside, a walk around the neighborhood, and chomping at the water coming out of the hose. Duncan is happiest when he is with people and just wants to make his people happy.

Labrador Friends of the South Duncan-52 Labrador Friends of the South Duncan-84 Labrador Friends of the South Duncan-22Labrador Friends of the South Duncan-21


Lend Your Lens

If you are good at photography, I would encourage you to Lend Your Lens to a Local rescue. They can always and I mean always use good pictures for their animals. Good pictures always gets dogs adopted faster than those with bad pictures.