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Hello LABfans! I’m bringing my Lab home next Thursday. We have read various books, and both had dogs growing up, but I also want to hear from current Lab owners…soooooooo…Does anybody have any good advice on first days with your new Lab friend? Any info/advice appreciated 🙂

Danielle R. Pellicci, an It’s a Lab Thing contributing author, gave one of the shortest but to the point answers to build a proper foundation to bringing home a puppy but could easily be applied to any age Labrador. Check out her response:


  •  Spend time bonding and ENJOYING the “Lab Puppiness!”
  • Your crate is your friend and your PUPS friend … NOT a punishment…pups cry in their crates at first. Use it wisely and frequently.. It is for his/her safety!
  • Vet visit ASAP to make sure your baby has a clean bill of health and you set up a schedule for inoculations.
  • visit with some local obedience trainers and “interview” them to choose who you and your puppy will be attending Puppy school with! I like starting pups at 8 weeks training at home and 12 weeks in a socialized/structured class
  • Post Pictures!!


What do you think? Can we add to this already awesome checklist?


[boxparagraph]Contributing Author: Danielle Pellicci, has over 18 years of experience with dogs, and has been a full time professional dog trainer/competitor since 2001. She and her dogs have participated in events including retriever hunt tests, field trials, agility, earthdog, rally obedience, & obedience trials. Blackfoot Kennels[/boxparagraph]