A Picky Labrador??

A Labrador that is picky about their food is probably about as common as a Unicorn sighting. 😉 Or is it? I wouldn’t know because I have the typical Chow Hound of a Lab. However, LABfan and It’s a Lab Thing Showcase Superstar Christy “Mamie” Spechter have that very problem with one Finicky Labrador.

It's a Lab Thing Dear Labby Picky Eater Labrador (2)Q:

Matt-Christy Splechter “What food do you guys recommend for a picky lab? (Yes, they do exist.) My little English lab has always been that way, I’d say about 80% of the time I have to coax her and play games with her to get her going. Once she takes a bite or two, she finishes the bowl, but I don’t always have time to take a half hour to get her there.”

I am going to leave it to It’s a Lab Thing’s awesome community to help out with this one.

What advice can you give LABfan Christy and Matt to help their Female English Labrador dive in?