Digging Dogs


My favorite book as a small child was “The Digging – est Dog” by Al Perkins. To this day I can recite pages of it. Little did I know how much the romantic children’s storybook would become relevant in my adult life and dog training career!

Why is My Labrador Digging?

Digging is a behavioral issue we encounter all the time. I have found 2 main causes for it:

  • A bored dog.
  • Innate instinct.

Dogs will often dig out of boredom. What can begin as a futile attempt to catch a rodent in the earth can turn into an incredibly gratifying game of digging just for fun! The key here is to make sure your dog has enough mental and physical stimulation. Daily walks are vitally important for a change of scenery, mental stimulation and exercise. Walks should be brisk, with not stopping to sniff and should be a minimum of 30 minutes. Give your dog ample edible chew bones such as bully sticks, compressed rawhides, beef cheeks, tendons and cow hooves. Rotate these out daily and pick them up the minute your dog looses interest. Be careful not to give your dog too much ‘free time’ outside where he can rehearse the digging behavior.

It's a Lab Thing Labrador Digging

If all the above do not satisfy your dogs urge to dig, you may possibly be dealing with an innate instinct to dig. Many terriers have a strong instinct to dig for rodents. It’s a breed specific trait that has been bred into them to perform their job. In cases like this, trying to stop digging is like pushing a boulder up a hill! Think of how hard it would be to train a border collie not to herd when he had 4 sheep living in his back yard! Yikes! In these cases, I suggest creating an approved ‘Dig Area.’ Pick a far corner of the yard behind a few shrubs. Loosen up the soil just a little and push treats down into the soil. Let your digging-est dog out and excitedly show then the area. Praise them when they start to dig for treats! Every few days, replenish the treats.

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