LABfan Laura has a 17 week old Lab, named Penny that is teething.


[quoteicon author=”LABfan Laura”]She has lost a couple from the front row already. She is chewing everything in sight to get some relief (including me!) I’ve bought things designed to massage her gums, and given her frozen rags and ice etc. Is there anything else anyone would recommend?

Also…when teething is finished, do Labs generally stop the constant biting? Any advice appreciated :)”[/quoteicon]


The answer is that there really is no direct solution. Every Labrador puppy goes through teething differently and you just need to find the right tactic that works best for Penny. Brody wasn’t a big chewer, he was a Nipper. We constantly had Brody occupied with something to chew on, but like any Labrador Puppy he had his moments. That is why they are so freaking cute.


What tips, tactics and suggestions do you have for LABfan Laura.