A Tribute to Garth

Last Thursday I was told by my good friend that it was time to say good bye to Garth, his yellow Labrador. Many of you may or may not know  Our Story of how It’s a Lab Thing came about. Our obsession with Labradors began when my wife and I visited some good friends of ours in South Carolina. Upon arriving at the house we were greeted by the friendliest, goofiest dog ever – a Labrador named Garth. A long story short, after a weekend with our friends and Garth we were hooked. The wife and I had to have a Lab!

Labrador-Garth-Its-a-lab-thing-tribute-inspiration-001 Labrador-Garth-Its-a-lab-thing-tribute-inspiration-004

Garth was the epitome of a Labrador, big, goofy, master counter surfer and a heart so big it was contagious. He was our inspiration Garth is everything to Karen and I. Who would have thought one weekend with him could spark so much love and admiration for Labradors. We owe so much to him and I can not even begin to fathom what it must feel like to lose your Lab or dog, but I will say that this had to be the closest thing to it.

Labrador-Garth-Its-a-lab-thing-tribute-inspiration-008 Labrador-Garth-Its-a-lab-thing-tribute-inspiration-003

Garth loved to rummage through bags and purses and he could counter surf with the best of them. The first time we met him, we were told to make sure the doors to our rooms stayed closed at all times and to not leave any food on the counter. Like most Labs, Garth was an ask for forgiveness later kind of Labrador. When we finally got our first Labrador Brody, we could not wait for him to meet Garth. Instant friends! I have no doubt that Garth passed on some secrets and tips to Brody.

Labrador-Garth-Its-a-lab-thing-tribute-inspiration-006 Labrador-Garth-Its-a-lab-thing-tribute-inspiration-005 Labrador-Garth-Its-a-lab-thing-tribute-inspiration-002

As Garth got older he got a human brother that would love him to no end. You could not ask for a more gentler big brother than Garth.


The day came and it was time to say good bye to Garth. He has been there through thick and thin, unwavering in loyalty and love. As my wife said to Dan:

“I don’t know what to say except that I believe in my heart that dogs are angels and you have gone through a very tough life change and he was right there the whole time. You have this behind you and now Garth can rest knowing you will be ok. He is still watching over you and Cole just now doing it from heaven…”

So today I leave a tribute to the Labrador that sparked inspiration, love and admiration for Labs. We love you and will forever miss you.