Well another Halloween in the books and what a fun time it was. We didn’t dress up Brody and Saban this year because we had a houseful and the front door open to the house for the Tricker Treaters. As I can see from some of our LABfan posts, they had a good time too.



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I am the creative founder of It's a Lab Thing. Inspired by my two own Labradors, Brody and Saban, and backed by the support of Mrs. Lab Thing, I have truly found my sincere passion in highlighting every aspect of the Labrador Retriever.

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  1. Vera Lee

    I love your site and would like to register as we are considering a rescue lab for our two yr old chocolate lab Duncan. I also get such a thrill out of the pictures. Is anyone allowed to post pictures of their dogs. Please let me know about the rescue information. We live in the Chattanooga Tn area

  2. norma newton

    I do enjoy this sight because I love labs so much thank you very much