What is the Least Favorite part of Walking your Labrador?? I asked and you answered… Carrying a Fresh Steamy Poopy Bag.

We have all been there on our walk and our sweet Labbies decide that it is time to take a poopy. I know when I take Brody and Saban for a walk I Hope and Pray that I make it to the park for their poopies. That is because the trash cans are there and I do not have to carry 2 bags a dooty with me on our walk. But then again, who doesn’t love carrying fresh poop. What stinks is when the neighbor comes to talk to me and I get to stand there and discuss current events with the sweet perfume of dooty in the air and in my hands. Or are you the late night walker that “conveniently” blames the darkness for not being able to see the poop, so it is left behind as you look both ways to make sure that now one saw you. Then some of us will pick up the poop, put it in the bag, leave it and think you are going to remember to get it on the way back. Yea right.

So here comes the Solution…

The Fifth Paw

Once I saw this device I just knew it was for me. It is just what it says it is… a FIFTH PAW for you.


The Fifth Paw Hands Free Doody Free Dog Poop Bag Holder-12 The Fifth Paw Hands Free Doody Free Dog Poop Bag Holder-9

As you can see it is very easy to attach to any standard lead and does a superb job of staying in place. Now I use a Martingale style leash so I had to make one slight modification to mine by removing one of the orange teeth and it worked perfectly. To keep it in place i used a rubber band, but you will not have to worry about this if you use a standard lead.

Let me tell you how much I use the Fifth Paw. Every Single Day! Seriously. This has made my walks so much easier and enjoyable. Plus, I am not concerned with rushing and making it to the park. The boys do their “duty”, I pick it up, tie a knot in the bag and then clip it to the Fifth Paw. DONE! Now the steamy poopy bag just hangs there on the lead and OUT of my hands. Do you know how helpful this is? It is a LABsend when you have two Labradors.

AS you can see there are 3 dooty slots to hold all the bags, plus you can double up if you need to.

The Fifth Paw is made of hard plastic and as you can see from the pictures it can take a beating. I have had mine drag on the concrete, dropped and stepped on with out any issues.

It lends you a paw in carrying those poop bags with out having you do double “duty” with managing the leash and poop bags.

I can’t tell you how much I love the Fifth Paw. I think it is a MUST have for any Labrador Parent.

You can pick one up via Amazon for $14.99+Shipping.

The Fifth Paw Hands Free Doody Free Dog Poop Bag Holder-3

Stephen Longo is the Genius Behind the Fifth Paw along with his Furkids Chloe Lab/Dane Mix(pictured) and Caesar.

Where you can check out the Fifth Paw:

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