A Soft All Natural Approach to Calming Anxiety in your Labrador

So many Labradors are effected by some form of anxiety. I see it all the time with some of the Lab Rescues that come through Labrador Friends of the South . They have been through so much. Whether it is storms, seperation anxiety, car rides or just holiday company and parties Thunder Shirt could just very well be your solution to these issues.

Saban, our Lab Rescue, deals with a slight separation anxiety and OCD so I was both happy and curious to try out the Thundershirt to see if would help ease some of his issues.

Saban pretty much has to be next to you and he is my little shadow. I love and understand because there is no telling what he had to go through before I adopted him. We have worked through a lot of issues and he is a great Labrador and I love him to death.

So as you can see the Thundershirt fits rather snug on Saban and that is precisely how it should fit because that is how it works. It works by supplying a small amount of even pressure to the body. It is said that when this is done the body will release oxytocin, the “trust hormone”, and will give a calming effect. You could also compare it to swaddling an infant. It makes them feel secure and safe.

We put it on Saban and it took me a few seconds to figure out how to put it on, but then again me being a guy I didn’t read the directions. So read the directions. Saban needed a couple of minutes to adjust to this new thing, but I can honestly say that I could see a difference in him. Once Saban settled into the Thundershirt, we could see the transformation. And there was one. I think the biggest thing I noticed was that Saban did not feel the need to be my shadow. He actually had no problem hanging out by himself in his bed people watching out the window.

It was actually awesome to see. I will admit I don’t mind him following me around everywhere but it was nice to see him relaxed. I even asked him if he wanted to come with me upstairs and he gave me the “No, I’m good here” look.

I like to put it on him when I am ripping and running. When I get home he usually is ecstatic and I have to ignore him for a bit until he calms down. When he has the Thundershirt on, he greets me but the over excitement is gone.

So the question is will it work on your Labrador Retriever? Thunder Shirt says that over 80% of the dogs show improvement. That to me is a great number considering there is absolutely no drugs being used. It is a great all natural approach and with a numerous amounts of positive feedback and reccomendations from Vets to trainers I would say it is a must try.

Thundershirt retails for around $39.95 give or take a dollar or two. A pretty fair price considering how it could help your Lab.


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