Tex the Muddy Yellow Labrador

Tex is a quirky mud lovin’ Yellow Labrador.  It’s a Lab Thing LABfan, Kathy adopted him from Luvin’ Labs Rescue a little over two years ago.  “He has the funniest personality of any of the labs we have ever had and his quirkiness really comes out when he is around water.” says Kathy.

“He is a true Lab as his love of water is only exceeded by his love of tennis balls!  🙂   I am landscaping a backyard and the ground was so dry that I had to fill the hole for the tree with water in order to shovel the dirt easier.  Initially he was very well behaved but it didn’t last long before the lure of the water won. Tex was having so much fun I couldn’t tell him to get out of the mud!” – LABfan Kathy