Do you Love to take pictures of your Labrador? Would you like to Showcase your Pictures on the pages of the Highly Popular It’s a Lab Thing website? Photographers of all calibers are welcome (Pro, Semi-Pro, Amateur, Hobbyist), we just ask that you have a knack for the camera.

No Point and Shoot camera warriors or Cellphone camera pros (lol), please. Unless they are out of this world pictures.

Before you submit please take a second to look at the other Showcases Here. This will give you a good example of the quality I am looking for.
If you need to see the quality of what we are looking for you can click on the image below. I am truly an amateur and have only been taking pictures for about 5 months.Its a Lab Thing Brody Saban Fall 2012-31

Remember when that the Showcase is for Premium Photography. So make sure that you submit your VERY BEST pictures. Look at it as a tryouts, so be on your game. 🙂

Photographer Showcase Submission Form

  • Submit your VERY BEST picture.


[quoteicon author=”Andy Biggar Photography”]I am so proud to be associated with Its a Lab, as a professional Dog Photographer and the owner of three Labradors myself, the website is not only a joy to view and read from the point of view of somebody passionate about the breed, but what has amazed me and overwhelmed me is the incredible response I have had after my photographs were posted on Its a Lab  I have never had such a response on any website and its had a huge positive effect on my business which i am very grateful for. If your business is linked with dogs and in particular Labradors, i would recommend that you make sure that your company is advertised on Its a Lab as soon as possible.


Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Angelina-1-12

Yours Truly getting some Rescue Labrador Love at a photo shoot for Labrador Friends of the South.