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A Furry New Friend

On our trip to Merida we decided to go to the Beach, which is about 30 mins away. Packed up the rental and off we went. Once we arrived at the beach, we posted up and got settled in for some sun, sand and cervezas. Shortly after, we noticed that there were dogs on the beach. Karen and I were like “wow” we could totally bring Brody and Saban if we wanted to. Then we started to notice that some seemed to be with out parents. One in particular caught our eye. A little tiny guy was strolling from beach blanket to beach blanket nosing around. He eventually made his way to our blanket and gingerly approached us. We could easily tell that he was one of Mexico’s street dogs that we read about. He had a small gash on his right leg an having some issues with his eyes.

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A Dog at Peace

Once he realized that everything was ok, he took a seat in front of us in the sand. I could not help but grab the camera. He was kind and gentle and once a little more time passed, he got even more comfortable. We were careful to how much contact we had with him, but Karen and I could not ignore what was pulling at our heart strings. So we started to talk to him, welcomed him to our spot and it was not very long after that we started calling him Progreso, after the beach.

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Karen kept asking if we should offer him some food. My first instinct was not to as I knew what could happen, but it was to tough not to. So we offered Progreso some food and water which he was happy to accept. He did not have much of an appetite but oh was he thirsty. After he got his fill of the water, it was time to grab a siesta. The people around us were looking at us kind of funny. I guess they are used to just ignoring stray dogs and wondering why these people are paying attention to one. It was hard not to.

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Progreso stayed by our side the entire time. I guess all he wanted in the end was a little attention. Just like any dog would. I decided that if anything else, I should try and clean Progreso up. Pulled out the wipes and carefully wiped away his eye gunk. It is amazing how much just a little cleaning up can change the appearance of a dog.

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Not Easy

So now the sun was beginning to set and we just kept finding excuses to stay longer and longer. We knew the inevitable was near and we would have to say Good-Bye to Progresso. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was. I told Karen we need to start packing up and then she started to tear up.  Progreso gave us a look, the one from the last shot, and that did it for me. My throat got tight as I tried to keep composed. We got up and headed to wash our feet off. My fears came to realization and Progreso followed. His sight must have been poor because when we went to wash up he just stood there waiting for us and then we turned around and saw that he was following another lady that was wearing a flowing beach dress just like Karen’s. We said Good-bye to Progreso and wished him well.

I was left wandering what can we do. It is not like in the States were you can call up animal control or a rescue. They just do not exist like that over there. At this point Karen was all tears and the only thing I could tell her was:

“We did the most we could. At least for a few hours Progresso got to eat, drink fresh water and feel like he was a part of a family. We hopefully gave him a little sense of normalcy. We can tell his story.”