[quoteicon author="Andrew Collier"]I believe that portraits and wedding photographs should always tell a story. People seeing photographs of you should discover more about who you are. Your photographs shouldn’t just show what you look like.[/quoteicon]

Everyday I search through hundreds of pictures that my LABfans submit to It’s a Lab Thing. I just so happened to run into a sweet chocolate Labrador puppy that was posted by Andrew Collier way back when ILT first launched. (I am always going back to look at pictures so keep sending them :) Come to find out he was a photographer and was trying his hand with two sweet Lab pups named Timber (Chocolate Labrador Puppy) and Fin (Black Labrador Puppy). Obviously, after looking through his pictures I knew we just had to share them to the It’s a Lab Thing community.

Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-002 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-003 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-004 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-005 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-006 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-008 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-009 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-007 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-010 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-011 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-012 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-013 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-019 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-014 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-020 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-018 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-017 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-016 Its-a-Lab-Andrew-Collier-Labrador-Showcase-015

It’s a Lab Thing wants to thank Andrew Collier Photography for sharing his work with us. Andrew is based out of the UK if you are interested in getting in touch with him and we can’t wait to see more of Andrew Collier Photography’s work and we welcome him to It’s a Lab Thing.

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You can also see more of his work by clicking on the appropriate links below:

Website: www.andrewcollierphotography.co.uk

Pet section: http://www.andrewcollierphotography.co.uk/pet-portraits-warrington-cheshire/

Blog home page: http://www.andrewcollierphotography.co.uk/blog/

Blog pet section: http://www.andrewcollierphotography.co.uk/posts/category/pets/


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I am the creative founder of It's a Lab Thing. Inspired by my two own Labradors, Brody and Saban, and backed by the support of Mrs. Lab Thing, I have truly found my sincere passion in highlighting every aspect of the Labrador Retriever.

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  1. Marilyn Justice

    I love my chocolate Lab Maggie. He sure can capture the beauty of the labs!


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