“You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life”-Joan Miró

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-007 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-006

Dreamy Labrador

I would like to say that the last part of the quote is what best represents Gwen’s photography. Her Labrador Tucker proves to be quite the LABmodel in her pictures. Gwendolyn’s images are almost what one would imagine when dreaming about their Lab. Dream-like scenes from mountain top adventures to a quirky mechanic, LABfan Gwen’s style stands out. Tucker in the Tub is a print I would put on a wall and the one that caught my eye.

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-003 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-002 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-004 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-008

My kind of mechanic.

Who would not love to have their car worked on by a Labrador.

Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-009 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-005 Its-a-Lab-Thing-Labrador-Gwen-Langmack-Tucker-010

Animal Rescues Gwen Loves

Gwen supports a number of causes, but her charities of choice are Olympic Peninsula Humane Society & Peninsula Friends of Animals. When you get a chance stop by their Facebook pages and show them some  It’s a Lab Thing Love!


I want to thank Gwendolyn for sharing her pictures of Tucker with us. If you are Lucky enough to live in Washington and want some pictures of your Labrador, Gwen would be worth looking up. Like a favorite book, I can not wait to see the next chapter.