The Best of the Dog Photographer

Andy Biggar is back with his best Labrador photos from 2013! Andy Biggar’s pictures of Labs are always awesome. From action shots to portraits, Andy really knows how to capture the moment every time. His passion for photography and dogs, Labradors in particular can easily be seen in his images.

Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-002 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-003 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-004 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-005 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-006 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-007 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-008 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-009 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-010 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-011 Dog-Photography-Labradors-Andy-Biggar-012
As always a BIG thank you goes out to Andy for sharing his passion with It’s a Lab Thing. I get super excited knowing that Andy will be in the states to share is knowledge of photography with everyone at Fotocoach. I promise you will not get a more hands on approach to learning photography, than you will with FotoCoach.

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I am the creative founder of It's a Lab Thing. Inspired by my two own Labradors, Brody and Saban, and backed by the support of Mrs. Lab Thing, I have truly found my sincere passion in highlighting every aspect of the Labrador Retriever.

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