[intro-paragraph]Waiting for the Rocky music to start. Pound for Pound and still the undefeated reigning champion… the Labrador Retriever is King![/intro-paragraph]

It is no Surprise that the Athletic, Versatile, Lovable and Adorable Labrador Retriever has once again been named America’s most popular dog, continuing the breed’s 22-year streak at the top.

LABmodels: Bo & Jasmine

LABmodels: Bo & Jasmine

[quote author=”Danika Fears, TODAY”]But even though Labs have held the title since 1991, they might want to watch out: Golden retrievers are climbing the ranks. The friendly, stick-fetching breed showed up third (up from fourth) in new statistics from the American Kennel Club revealed on Wednesday’s TODAY.[/quote]

I have to chuckle a bit because they say this EVERY year about “the Labrador better watch out” because insert dog breed here has moved up, sideways or backwards. Bottom line… GOOD LUCK!! Of course we know that will never happen.

LABmodel: Jasmine

LABmodel: Jasmine

What do you Think?

LABmodel: Moxie

LABmodel: Moxie


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  1. Tracy Mosher on Facebook

    I agree, labs are true companions. They hike with you, play in the snow with you, love swimming and especially love lying in bed with their humans. Nothing better.

  2. Steve Rineman

    My favorite dog. Have had 2 now my last Buck my former Raven. Still have Beagles
    They should be first the biggest lovers and best friends you could ever want. Love me some Lab

  3. Brenda McIntosh

    Well…there is no doubt about this one! Best dogs in the world in my opinion, could be because we have two wonderful labs.